Managing Your Expense Accounts

For expense items that are frequently used you should create an expense account item for them. This will allow you to select them from a drop down list the next time you need to add a new transaction item for it.

  1. To create or modify an Expense Accounts click on the “Expense” button.

  2. You are then presented with the following screen

    Click to Enlarge

  3. To edit the name of an existing Expense Account click on the item in the grid to the left.

    - Or -

    To add an Expense account click on the last row in the grid to the left and enter a name for it .

  4. Select the Distribution Categotory

  5. All other fields are optional and for your information only.

    If you have a web address for the expense account you should enter it here.

    An icon will appear to the left each time this item is used in the grid for your budget transaction items.
    You can then easily navigate to this web page to make a payment by clicking on it's icon.

  6. Click on “OK” to save your changes and close the window.

  7. This returns you to the “BudgieBoy” main window.