Working with Distribution Categories

There Is a set of pre-defined expense categories and sub-categories provided that describe the distribution of your debits and credits.
These categories are unique to, and saved within each individual budget database. Altering one does not effect the other.

  1. Click on the Categories button to edit the list of defined Categories

  2. You are then presented with the following screen

  3. The Default Expense Category is used for items that you do not anticipate frequently using and do not want to add them to your list of Expense Categories. In tht case the transaction items are didtributed to the "Default Expense Category". You can change the "Default Expense Category" by selecting it in the Tree View below and the clicking on the "Set Default Category" button.

  4. You can edit the name of a Category or Sub-Category by left clicking on them twice pausing briefly between clicks.

  5. You can add or delete Categories and Sub-Categories by right-clicking on them.